Over the past ten years, ‘CASCO Phil – The Chamber Orchestra of Belgium’ has built up a strong reputation. In 2008, the Orchestra got off to a flying start at deSingel in Antwerp. Concerts then followed in places all over Belgium and the Netherlands. Under the Director of Music, Benjamin Haemhouts, our workshop is made up of a stable pool of about 35 musicians, which is expanded or reduced depending on the project.

CASCO Phil wishes to reinterpret the concept of ‘orchestra’. We’re strengthening our basic premise, our ‘House of Music’ with concert series, projects for children and young talent, and projects with a social commitment. At the same time, our aim is to evolve into a music workshop where experiment in the broadest sense of the word, across all the art forms, is combined with the traditional practice so we can become a hotbed for emerging talent.

The ‘orchestra’ as an institution can no longer be an obstacle to creativity: at the heart of our activities is the artistic idea. The form around this idea can change and also enhances it. By breaking open the traditional orchestral structure we force ourselves to seek out new creative boundaries. In its concert programmes, one can find adventurous, atypical combinations. Besides, the orchestra gives talented young Belgian composers the opportunity to write new work for chamber orchestra under the supervision of a renowned composer.

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Casco Phil is hiring! Violin & Viola

If you are a fine musician, open-minded and motivated, don’t wait and candidate! So If you feel CASCO, send your resume to assist@cascophil.be! Closing date: August 10th Auditions: August 25th: Violin / August 26th: Viola at CC Mechelen! (Candidates who were selected during the last audition will receive an email)